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oh, dirty jokes always get me... [Jan. 23rd, 2010|02:52 am]
How Embarrassing!

[Current Location |The ocean]
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So a couple of weeks ago, I was sitting in Theatre Class, and the girls around me were talking about the ocean, and that reminded me of a funny Joke that I had heard earlier, so I told the nearest girl the Joke (mind, the class was being obnoxious and loud, but I'm usually fairly careful with what I say) "There was this girl that got a tattoo of a seashell on the inside of her thigh, and if you put your ear on it, you can smell the ocean." The girl laughed, and so the other girls wanted to hear it as well, so I say it again, but louder. Now, I've been told that my voice carries, even when I'm trying to be quiet. No, especially when I'm trying to be quiet. After I told the Joke for the second time, I noticed that my teacher was standing within five feet of my trying to get the projector to work, and that she had been standing there, fiddling with the damned thing for several minutes, so she heard me tell the joke, not once, but TWICE.
Gah, I wanted to smash my face into the desk.
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Of COURSE this would happen to me! [Nov. 29th, 2009|05:18 pm]
How Embarrassing!


My name is Lisa. I'm 23. And I just got out of a 4-year relationship. I was sitting around the other day feeling sorry for myself, and then I saw a commercial for E-harmony's free communication weekend. I decided that I might as well join just so I could find out if there even are good single guys in my area. I was highly disappointed because I couldn't see the pictures of any of the guys that I was matched with! But, I decided to go ahead and communicate anyway. I kept going back and forth with a guy... we'll say his name was Greg. After several predetermined questions and info swapping, I finally got the the pont where the site allowed us to communicate openly. I looked Greg up on Facebook and lo and behold! I had absolutely NO physical attraction to him whatsOever! I emailed him back and forth a couple of times, telling him that I'm just not really ready to be in a relationship at this point, but that we can be friends until I am... or whatever (He actually told me that he talked about me to a friend who accused me of wanting to use him for revenge sex... whatever that means).

Then, in an attempt to get out and meet new people, I went to a new church (Here comes the good part). Service was about to start and I wandered in with a friend and sat in the back. I felt someone give me a triple-take. I looked up and saw him and thought, "Surely not... that HAS to be a coincidence!" I even pulled out my cell phone to show his facebook profile to my friend and we decided that it was just a guy who LOOKED like Greg. The service ended and as I was bolting for the door I hear a, "Lisa!" I tried to ignore it but before I knew it there was a finger tapping my shoulder.

It was sooooo awkward! I stood there and made small talk for what seemed like an eternity. He proudly announced to my friend that he found me on E-harmony. Finally he left. I watched him excitedly call someone on his cell phone as he walked to his car.

I think I'm still going to be church hunting for a while...
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Oh boy... [Oct. 24th, 2009|10:46 am]
How Embarrassing!

[Feeling: |embarrassedembarrassed]

Seeing another interesting post about messing your words up reminded me of one I had recently:

See, I'm kind of a dunce with words, not just in foreign languages, but also in my own (Dutch). We recently had a get-together at my best friend's birthday party. A lot of ex-classmates were there, one of whom is now a cosmetic surgeon. One way or the other we got to the waiting lists of some types of surgery, among which breast transplants. Apparently a woman who had a breast amputated due to cancer or some other cause, has to wait 7 months to get an implant, and has to walk around lopsided all the time. Now, I'm as considerate as I am an idiot, and very solution-oriented. So after about 15 seconds of thinking (waaaayyyy too little for a guy like me anyway XD) I ask him "Isn't it a dandy idea to give her a prostate for the time being?" Obviously, I meant prosthesis, but I just don't use either phrase very often, and as I said before, I suck at words. Oh, but it didn't end there. He actually asked me "I'm sorry, what?", and I repeated my previous sentence flawlessly.

After which they laughed at me. Repeatedly. And I can sorta understand, but embarrassing? Absolutely. XD
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oh dear : [Oct. 23rd, 2009|10:48 am]
How Embarrassing!

[Feeling: |embarrassedembarrassed]

I'm learning Japanese and for practice I go to a language exchange meeting every Thursday night. Lately I've been learning keigo, which when you meet people for the first time is used a lot. It's very very polite and if you can use it correctly it seems like you have a lot of education.
Unfortunately, I can't =p
At this club there's this guy I really really like too, he's cute, he's funny, just generally awesome and although his English isn't very good we usually talk in Japanese. So he introduced me to some new people telling them how good my japanese is. They were some of his friends and he asks me to use keigo while talking to them. So I start to panic. Keigo is very difficult but I'm doing it and I'm sounding educated. Horar!
Welll until I decide to ask when they came to England. The thing about Japanese is a lot of words are very similar and if you get just one character wrong the meaning completely changes.

Instead of saying "Itsu koRAremashita ka"
I asked "Itsu koWAremashita ka" Which translates as when did you break! :<

My crush and everyone in the general area laughed at me for a long long time, which to be fair I would have too =p

But hey, at least I asked her politely right?
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The Little white dress. [May. 28th, 2009|11:08 am]
How Embarrassing!

[Current Location |My Room]
[Feeling: |embarrassedembarrassed]

Hello everyone! New member here, thought I'd join the fun and share a story of my own! 

It would have been a perfect day. The weather forecast had promised clear skies and plenty of sun, and I had a date planned with Takeshi. I wanted to surprise him and decided to wear a cute white sun-dress, since he had said he'd never seen me in a dress. I made our bento, loaded it in to the basket and was off.  We met at the park and found a good spot to have our little picnic. We were surrounded by trees and an open sky. It had seemed perfect up until the rain came. It poured down so suddenly that we were caught off guard. We gathered everything quickly and ran across the park to find a little shop to hide in since the trees would do no good.

We managed to find shelter in an okonomiyaki shop, but the damage was done. With the amount of rain, my dress had become see-through and the lines of my undergarments were clearly visible. I should have expected it since the dress had been rather cheap, but I honestly hadn't. And in a room full of strange Japanese people, I was highly embarrassed for not considering it.

Takeshi found it amusing. Needless to say, I was not. Feeling bad for me, one of the women there offered to let me wear a spare uniform until my dress dried off. I spent half our date wet and the other half as a shop worker. Eck! 

The lesson? Never wear white and never try to make your boyfriend happy! 
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Ticket [May. 16th, 2009|02:26 am]
How Embarrassing!

Let me start off by saying that this wasn't me. This was the first night that my fiance and I hung out outside of school. He called me up and asked me if I wanted to go to the mall. He was cute and I couldn't say no. Side note: I always like to say that my knight in shining armor didn't ride in on a white horse, but drove a blue minivan named dorothy. However, that's beside the point. I didn't know his best friend was in the back of the minivan which honestly scared me half to death, but I made no point of it. Then he rolls a stop sign and gets pulled over and ticketed. I could tell he was totally mortified and felt pretty bad for him. That was our "first date", if you will :)
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(no subject) [May. 1st, 2009|04:19 pm]
How Embarrassing!

[Feeling: |calmcalm]
[Hearing: |Kill the Director- The Wombats]

                      Its always really embarrassing talking to your crush, when you reach your hand to your face, you notice there is a crumb of some sort on your forehead.

                                                      Like, the size of a butt pimple.
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(no subject) [Apr. 26th, 2009|12:37 am]
How Embarrassing!

[Hearing: |Lost Planet OST - Battle Ready]

Good god, its been a LOOONG time since i posted here. I got sidelined into drawing yaoi fanart and writing various fanfics..then i got a 360 and Bioshock.

Whcih is neatly responsible for two of my embarassments;

1) Im a devout Yaoi (guy x guy) fan, and a poke around on DA led me to a kink meme for bioshock. Where i clinked on a link to a picture. Lets just say ti involves a piano. I go "OMIGODPIANOSEX?!" in this high pitched voice, by total accident. Cue staring, for i was using the public wifi in a local McDonalds. There has got to a world record for most embarassing thing said in public..To follow it up i go "Oh BALLs, i mean CRAP!"

I think they thought i had tourettes or something the way i was going..

Then i look to the right and theres two POLICE OFFICERS standing in the line obviously on lunch break. Great, now the local law enforcement knows im weird.

2) In one particular part of Bioshock at the beguinning (Steinman stage), you go into this room and over to a desk. Once you get there the room fogs up then clears. And behind you is standing this creepy dentist splicer.

The first time i seen this it just about gave me heart failure it scared me that much. I jump, controller goes whizzing overhead and i scream "F**K ME-IVE LOST THE CONTROLS!" on realising i couldnt see where wireless controller had landed. My mother comes in, shakes her head and walks out. Whoops.

3) Whilest at the job center, the adviser asked me if id had any experience with Mosiac. I reply "yeah sure, made a few in art class years ago!". Cue staring then laughter. Apparently Mosiac is a computer program. Go me.

4) My friend came round for a visit, and id left my big desk PC on. With my fanart/yaoi pr0n folder still open but minimized. Im in the loo and i hear "good god where did you get all this stuff?! And more importantly why didnt you tell me-Ooh bioshock yaoi!"

And, still on the loo i yell "GET OUT OF MY PORN DAMNIT!". Dashing out of the bathroom i come face to face with my big sister. She can hardly keep a straight face. D'oh..
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Work. [Apr. 13th, 2009|01:58 am]
How Embarrassing!

[Current Location |location location location]
[Hearing: |mixxxx]

Saturday night, I was at work and I had to hold the door for everyone coming in and leaving. I have to say things like 'Hello! Welcome to Red Robin!', 'Hi, how are you?' when people come in and 'Thanks for coming in!', 'Have a nice night!', and 'Come again soon!' when people leave.
At least five times when people would leave, I would say hello, and then have to correct myself.
Not terribly embarrassing.
Later that night, we got this mad rush of people coming in at like, nine o'clock. I was the only hostess on, the busser left, and there were three servers on. I had to seat people and clean off tables and take food to tables. When I was clearing off a table, I knocked over two glasses in front of the waiter that i have a Huge crush on. I mummbled 'I know, graceful, right?' but he smiled and said 'No, I'm not judging you, I think you're doing great.'
I still felt like a shmuck.
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(no subject) [Mar. 31st, 2009|12:54 am]
How Embarrassing!

my boyfriend and i were talking over IM earlier..  neither of us has a car right now, and he's going to school JUST far away enough to be .. far.  and he's getting antsy about being stuck in his dorm, so he started talking about how he wants to come be with me.  and i'm retarded.

sutible4livestok (12:31:20 AM): im reallly wishing to be with you insteadof stuck in the gay dorm
rienxdespecial (12:32:00 AM): don't wish to be here, lol
rienxdespecial (12:33:14 AM): maybe like with me somewhere else hahaha
sutible4livestok (12:33:22 AM): mmk
sutible4livestok (12:33:24 AM): with you
sutible4livestok (12:33:26 AM): in alaska
sutible4livestok (12:33:28 AM): in a cabin
sutible4livestok (12:33:31 AM): with no tv
sutible4livestok (12:33:40 AM): just a bed, dressers and the internet
rienxdespecial (12:33:58 AM): so we're going to wrestle bears for food?

yeah.  it got really awkward for a few minutes until i said "uh.. alaska is really cold."  i'm a winner.
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